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WWE Mae Young Classic Finale recap – Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sane

The Mae Young Classic Finale was finally upon us and it was an interesting road to get us here. Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane were ready to prove themselves to be the more dominant force.

Baszler took Sane to the ground early on and initiated a ground and pound for a second. She rolled Kairi around the ring for a bit and the ref counted to two a couple of times but Sane would soon break free.

Then they went for a test of strength which wasn’t a wise move for Sane. Baszler muscled her around and won the exchange but a head scissors from Kairi would take Baszler to the mat. Shayna no-sold the move and got right back in Sane’s face.

Then Shayna hit a stiff looking kick that sent Sane out of the ring. Kairi tried to get back in the ring but was kicked back down from the apron. Baszler rolled her back in for a two count.

Shayna stomped on Sane’s elbow and then softened it up even more with another couple arm submissions. She was trying to make Kairi’s famous Elbow Drop a non-issue.

Sane reversed out of a gut-wrench suplex but Baszler would counter back and hit two in a row for a two count.

Then Shayna went for another arm submission. Sane got back to her feet and started hitting Baszler with chops. She fired quite a few off with thunderous “woos” coming from the crowd with each contact. But a knee from Shayna to Kairi’s stomach slowed her down.

Kairi cut Baszler off and speared her down. Then she started stomping on her for a two count. Sane locked on some bodyscissors and applied the pressure for a bit. But Shayna turned herself around and broke the hold with some punches.

Shayna was knocked down in the corner but dodged Sane’s sliding elbow. Kairi started to mount a comeback but Shayna snatched her out of the air and locked on the chokehold. Kairi elbowed herself out of the hold and Shayna sold her injured ribs.

Sane kicked Shayna and climbed to the top rope. But Baszler joined her on top and they traded forearm shots for a minute. Baszler locked on a double wrist lock but Sane got out of it. She knocked Shayna off the top rope and hung her up. Kairi hit her with the double stomp and got a two count.

Then Kairi hit the sliding elbow in the corner and the Insane Elbow off the top rope. 1-2-3 and Kairi Sane won the Mae Young Classic.

Ronda Rousey looked heartbroken at ringside. After the match was over, Shayna Baszler raised Kairi Sane’s arm and rolled out of the ring.

The Mae Young Classic trophy was presented to Kairi Sane after the match and everybody clapped for her. They handed Kairi some flowers and she posed on the turnbuckle.

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