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Mae Young Classic standout set for surgery on Monday

The Mae Young Classic saw a ton of outstanding female action and Jazzy Gabert blew practically everyone else out of the water when it comes to fan reaction.

But unfortunately, when WWE gave her a very good look it turned out they found something that meant Gabert couldn’t be signed to a WWE contract.

But Jazzy said in her interview with Edge and Christian on their Pod Of Awesomeness that she plans on having surgery to fix the injuries WWE discovered.

The German pro wrestler was also pleasantly surprised to find out her hour and a half phone call with Edge and Christian was only $50 so it was pretty good news when she expected an amount much larger than that.

Edge replied that next time the bill can be on them because Jazzy gave them an excellent interview. He also wished her the best of luck on her surgery on Monday. Therefore, it looks like Gabert’s corrective surgery to fix the problems WWE found could be happening sooner than we thought.

Hopefully, Jazzy Gabert’s operation goes smoothly and she’s able to get back to the ring as soon as possible so maybe WWE won’t be able to come up with a reason to not hire her next time around.

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