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Main roster WWE star is a member of Retribution



As previously noted, WWE has been using NXT wrestlers as part of their new Retribution stable.

Last night, two members of the group spoke for the first time but their voices were distorted. However, a fan posted a pitched down version of the audio and it seemed to confirm that at least two NXT wrestlers were part of the group who appeared last night on Monday Night Raw.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that one of the members in the group is main roster member Mojo Rawley. As of this writing, he is the only person from the main roster confirmed to be in the group.

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Bryan Alvarez said, "We now have five members. One of them is clearly Dijakovic and one of them is clearly Mia Yim." Meltzer added, "One of them is Mojo [Rawley]."

Meltzer added, "the guy in the middle that was talking was Dijakovic." Meltzer said that it doesn't mean that he will be unmasked but it seems likely since he's been in the group for weeks.

This week, Retribution got their own logo shown on the big screen and they got time to speak so it looks like they are slowly starting to tell their story. The belief in WWE is that all of this is leading to Retribution vs. WWE in a match at Survivor Series.

Click here to hear the pitched-down audio that reveals the two NXT members who were part of the group this week.