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Major angle rumored for the end of WrestleMania

Here are some notes from this morning’s Wrestling Observer radio show. There are rumors that the company has something big planned for tonight’s show. The talk is that they may be reforming Evolution tonight and speculation is that they will all turn on Daniel Bryan. The company wants to do a feud between The Shield and Evolution so this could set up a scenario where The Shield saves Daniel Bryan at the end.

Rob Van Dam was in the crowd at last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Another interesting thing is that Jim Ross was sitting front row at the ceremony. They usually reserve the front row for the top stars so this could be a sign that things between Ross and WWE are good. No word on if he’s signed a deal to return.

As we noted, Sting is in New Orleans and we noted that he signed his deal weeks ago.

An update on the WWE network subscriber numbers. Within the company it was made very clear that when it comes to the number on Monday nobody knows the number except for a few people but it’s been made clear that it’s a good number. Back in January Vince McMahon projected a million by the end of the year but it looks very possible that they could have already surpassed that number.

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