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Major changes happening in the UK wrestling scene because of WWE’s expansion

The Bristol, England-based Pro Wrestling Chaos promotion has announced that Morgan Webster, El Ligero and James Drake will no longer be able to perform at their events. The reason for this is because of a mandate by WWE. Basically, WWE is pulling wrestlers out of promotions that they do not have a working relationship with.

You can expect to hear more about wrestlers being pulled from non-WWE shows as WWE expands their NXT UK brand. As been reported for months, WWE’s plan is to expand around the world with more Performance Center’s.

WrestleTalk reported today that several members of the NXT UK roster were given new contracts after this past weekend’s tapings in Liverpool, England. The new deals include a salary increase and it will prevent them from working with any other promotions in the UK.

This confirms the worst fears of most promoters and it’s a contradiction from WWE statements in the past that claimed that there would be “no restrictions” on talent and that WWE was not coming in to be the “big bad wolf” that would stop talent from working with other promotions.

As of now, the new restrictions don’t apply to everyone on the roster but for anyone that has signed a new deal, they will only be able to work for WWE and promotions that have a working relationship with them.

Pro Wrestling Chaos announced the following:

First and foremost we would like to congratulate Morgan Webster, El Ligero and James Drake and take this opportunity to sincerely thank all 3 men for their work in and out of the ring, they have helped make Chaos what it is today.

We have always believed in being truthful and honest with our fans.

This morning we learned that they will no longer be able to perform at Pro Wrestling Chaos events.

This is due to contractual obligations that are outside both our and their control.

I’m sure you’ll all join us in wishing them all the best for their future.


Tidal Wrestling announced the following:

16th December at Silent Nightmare 5 has taken on some unexpected significance.

Not only is it the last show of 2018, it has now been confirmed as the last appearance by Ligero in a Tidal ring.

This is no story or angle but as I’m sure you’re aware, big things are happening in UK wrestling we are more than happy for those they’re happening to. We wish nothing but the best for Ligero and he deserves everything that comes his way. There’s not a single harder worker in the business.

So if you want to come say your farewells and THANK YOU LIGS then his match with DeReiss vs Super Smash Bros will be your last chance. Possibly ever with us.

And don’t be late as in true Ligs fashion he’s booked elsewhere the same night so will be opening the show with a bang!

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