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Major changes tonight on Raw? (Minor spoilers)

As we mentioned a few days ago, WWE had meetings late last week to address the issues with the crowd after the Royal Rumble. Tonight's Raw will be interesting because it was said last week at the meetings that everything is up for discussion and Vince McMahon was open to scrapping the original creative plans for WrestleMania. The WWE website features Daniel Bryan in the Raw preview.

There is a steel cage rematch set for tonight between the New Age Outlaws against Cody Rhodes and Goldust. I could see them heavily teasing a breakup of the Rhodes brothers tonight or doing the actual breakup tonight since Cody and Goldust are scheduled to face each other at WrestleMania.

A non-Raw note, if Stacy Keibler strikes a deal with WWE for WrestleMania, there's been discussion of having Kid Rock play "Legs" live at the show. That was her theme song when she was in WWE.

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