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Major clue that would indicate James Ellsworth is returning to WWE this Sunday



James Ellsworth was an enhancement talent who looked very good taking bumps. He faced Braun Strowman on the July 25th, 2016 edition of Raw and got a chance to say something into the microphone. What Ellsworth said spoke volumes to not only the WWE Universe but apparently Vince McMahon: "any man with two hands had a fighting chance." Strowman squashed him that night but Ellsworth would be back.

In the span of the next several months, James Ellsworth found himself in a position where he seemed to be a hot free agent in WWE. Both Raw and SmackDown could have been suitable places for him to apply his craft and he defeated AJ Styles in the process much to the delight of Dean Ambrose.

Ellsworth was soon paired up with Carmella and the two were quite entertaining as a duo. At last year's Money In The Bank event, Ellsworth assisted Mella in becoming the first-ever Miss Money In The Bank even though that fact seems to be glossed over at this point.

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PW Insider reported James Ellsworth would be coming back to WWE because they had some new ideas for him. After all, The Jobber Among Men was released before Mella even had a chance to cash in her Money In The Bank contract and become the Crowned Princess Of SmackDown Live.

But James Ellsworth seemingly squashed that rumor himself when he brought up the fact that he was booked in a fatal four-way match for Middle Kingdom Wrestling in China where he was set to defend his Intergender Championship on the same day as Money In The Bank. However, it seems those plans have changed as well.

Ellsworth pulled out of the MKW show and it was apparently a last minute thing. MKW said they had been trying to get ahold of him for six days to confirm this appearance and while that might be a worked number the situation isn't any less interesting.

Although it's unlikely due to WWE's stance on male on female matches, I have to wonder if Ellsworth will carry his Intergender Championship gimmick over with him and continue to carry on Andy Kaufman's legacy on a much bigger stage. It looks like we might have our answer soon enough.

Therefore don't be surprised to see James Ellsworth make a much shorter trip to Chicago instead of China where he could be a part of the MITB event in any number of ways. Let's just hope Ellsworth's return to WWE isn't just a one-off appearance but from the look of things, the WWE Universe might be seeing much more of The Chinless Wonder before you can say "duh."