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Major name is not backstage at tonight's Raw



For those of you that have asked about The Undertaker, he is not currently backstage at Raw in Atlanta. That doesn't necessarily mean that he will not be on the show but I would assume that his match with John Cena will become "official" by tonight's show. They could hold him off until Sunday at WrestleMania and air a video package to indicate that Taker has accepted the match. As we noted before, there has been talk of a big change to The Undertaker's character. Click here to read more if you don't care about a potential spoiler.

Also, as noted earlier, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe are backstage. Paige posted on Instagram (and later deleted it) that James Storm is backstage. Again, it's all hands on deck since it's WrestleMania Week so it's not guaranteed that any of the names I mentioned will appear on Raw.

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