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Major UFC name claims he was offered $5 million by Vince McMahon

Suspended UFC star Chael Sonnen claimed on his podcast that WWE offered him $5 million to sign with them. He said that the offer came from Vince McMahonn. With Chael Sonnen you never know when he’s working or telling the truth. WWE officials said that the story was made up. The story was picked up by media outlets and most of them took the story seriously. Sonnen said that he offer was recent, not years ago which makes the story seem very fishy considering that the company is in cost cutting mode.

Also, the higher ups in WWE (Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H) have very little knowledge about the UFC product. Most of the top people in the company did not know mucha bout Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler before SummerSlam so imagine how little they’d know about Chael Sonnen. One person close to Sonnen said that Sonnen told him the same story and said that the time frame of the offer was two years ago.

Sonnen was in contact with WWE this year when he was let go by FOX and was told by WWE that at age 37 they felt he was too old for pro wrestling but there was potential interest in him as an announcer but given his recent drug test suspensions, it was too early for them to do business with him.

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