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Mandy Rose talks promos being easier without fans hijacking the show

WWE Superstar Mandy Rose recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast. The SmackDown Superstar would discuss a number of topics from her recent WWE career on the show, including how she and Sonya Deville have had to continue their lengthy feud with no fans in attendance at the WWE Performance Center.

“It’s very hard, and I think where it set in for us was our promo segment I think a couple weeks ago before the matches” Mandy began. “The importance of Sonya Deville’s and my relationship really escalated in that promo because of the emotion, and we got to hear the voice of Sonya which we hadn’t really heard previously.”

Rose would elaborate further, saying “I think the emotion of both of us and how real it is [helps the story]. Because we were such great friends and like sisters. The best friendships make the best rivalries. I think after that night it was one of those nights where we were like, ‘wow.'”

Mandy would discuss the benefits of having a show with no fans in attendance, specifically during promos on the show where fans couldn’t ‘hijack’ the show with detrimental chants. “With no fans it’s a struggle but I think personally, and some other people have said it about the closed set, for that promo? It was very intimate and it’s almost kind of better that we didn’t hear the ‘what’ chants and you know all that stuff. And for us? We would love to be in front of a crowd for sure, but I think it did have a different feel to it in a closed set like that. And we really felt it was [more intimate], you know? Which was good, so we try to get the positive out.”

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