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Mandy Rose was with Sonya Deville during attempted kidnapping

New information has come out regarding the situation over the weekend when a stalker showed up at Sonya Deville’s house in Florida. 

Phillip A. Thomas II traveled from South Carolina to Deville’s home after spending several months planning to kidnap her. He gained entry into the house through a patio screen but fortunately, Deville managed to leave the house without being harmed.

The local police had confirmed that Thomas was carrying a knife, plastic zip ties, duct tape, mace, and other personal items. He allegedly admitted that he planned on taking Deville hostage.

The good news is that he was later arrested and charged with Aggravated Stalking, Armed Burglary of a Dwelling, Attempted Armed Kidnapping, and Criminal Mischief.

The Tampa Bay Times has an article up with details from Deville trying to get a court petition seeking protection. The document also outlines the threatening messages that Thomas had sent to Deville prior to the situation.

A court motion that prosecutors later filed to hold Thomas without bail revealed that the friend who was with Deville on the night of this situation was Mandy Rose, real name Amanda Saccomanno.

“What are doing, what do you want?” Deville yelled as he stared at her from just four feet away before he began to walk toward her. “That is when I realized this person was not here to rob me, he was there to hurt me.”

“The nature of the messages from this account were obsessive, suicidal, idolizing, saying, ‘You are the only person I will ever love,’ ” Berenato wrote.

The document noted that when Thomas began to walk toward her, Deville ran to the friend’s room. Deville had woken up a friend (Rose) and they ran to the family room before driving away.

“As I was ensuring the sliding glass door lock was secure, I looked up and on my back lanai was Phillip,” she wrote.

You can check out the threatening messages from Thomas to Deville and more here. WWE has booked Deville vs. Rose in a Hair vs. Hair Match at Sunday’s SummerSlam event.

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