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Many top WWE stars have asked about going to AEW, Dave Meltzer on if Roman Reigns would leave WWE



During the mailbag portion of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about some of the current WWE stars who might be considering going to AEW when their contracts are up. Meltzer was specifically asked if names like Roman Reigns, Ricochet, Will Ospreay, Kota Ibushi and Don Callis might make their way to AEW when their contracts are up. Those were the names mentioned by Chris Jericho on a "Saturday Night Special" when he was asked who he would like to see on the AEW roster.

Meltzer felt that it would be smart for Ricochet to leave WWE but he doesn't know when his contract is up. As far as Reigns leaving WWE and jumping to AEW, that is not happening.

Meltzer said, "Roman Reigns is not going to AEW, not happening. Of all of the guys, virtually everybody in WWE including guys who have claimed different, at one point or another have called people in AEW trying to see what they can get or have had an interest. Roman Reigns and there's a couple of others but Roman Reigns is basically, of the top guys, he was the only one who never even inquired so he ain't going anywhere."

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It's no secret that Randy Orton spoke with people in AEW last year before signing his 5-year WWE contract. Edge also spoke with people in AEW and then went back with WWE to let them know that there was a deal on the table.

Meltzer noted that Ospreay is under contract to New Japan and it would be up to Tony Khan and Harold Meij to make a deal and Jericho really wants to bring Ospreay in. Ospreay really likes Japan and doesn't want to work much in the United States so even if a deal is made at some point, he probably won't be working much in the States. Ibushi could work shows for AEW if a deal is worked out with New Japan.

Impact Wrestling executive Don Callis doesn't look like a possibility right now, according to Meltzer.