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Marc Mero on how he found out Sable was leaving him for Brock Lesnar

Devon Nicholson has a new interview up with former WWE Superstar Marc Mero on “The Hannibal TV” YouTube channel.

Among several topics discussed, Mero talked about how he found out that his then-wife Sable was cheating on him with Brock Lesnar. This happened around the time when Sable returned to the company in 2003.

Mero remembered how it was getting harder and harder to get in touch with his wife and then he would wonder where she was because his calls to her would go to voicemail. Mero remembers leaving a nasty voicemail but then regretting it so he called her voicemail and used the access code so he could go in and delete what he said. He remembered that there was another voicemail left from someone else.

“It’s this man’s voice apologizing for the night before,” Mero said. “It was pretty graphic and I was very taken back and then I was realizing that she’s seeing somebody else. It was devastating. I thought we would be married forever.”

Mero said he deleted his message and then he met Sable at the airport and asked her who the other man was in her voicemail. Shortly after that is when she filed for divorce.

He continued, “I got back into drugs, I got back into living a horrible life…everything that could go wrong went wrong in my life to the point that I didn’t even want to be there anymore.”

Mero said that no matter how bad things get, he wants people to know that they have a purpose in life. Click on the video below to hear him talk about his ex-wife.

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