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Maria Kanellis explains why she signed a new deal with WWE

Maria Kanellis took to her official Twitter account where she defended her decision to stay with WWE.

This comes days after it was revealed that she is pregnant and expecting her second child. A few weeks ago, it was reported that she and Mike Kanellis signed new multi-year deals with WWE.

The married couple has received criticism from fans for complaining about their role on television via social media but still deciding to stay with the company. Keep in mind that their rants could simply be them playing up their characters. You can see her tweets here:

“Fans circa 2009: I can’t believe they treat ditzy Maria so bad. Why are the matches so short? Why can’t a Diva be older than 35? Where are women’s rights? Fans circa 2019: I can’t believe Maria got pregnant again! How dare she have a family? She can’t work and have a family!”

“At the end of the day, WWE was where I started and it’s where I wanted to complete my career. And when they came to the table with the opportunity to have a family and a career it sealed the deal. People think they know everything but it’s all in the details.”


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