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Maria Kanellis shoots on WWE for releasing people during the pandemic



Maria Kanellis took to Twitter today to give her thoughts on her release from WWE and she is not holding back.

Kanellis and husband Mike Bennett were one of many who were released in mid-April because of budget cuts related to the coronavirus pandemic. Critics have said that WWE could have kept everyone on board while still making record revenue this year primarily because of the TV contracts with NBCUniversal and FOX Sports.

In one of Kanellis' hashtags, she noted that WWE has been the only wrestling company to release people during the pandemic. Impact Wrestling released some wrestlers that was due to other issues unrelated to the pandemic and New Japan Pro Wrestling is reportedly paying their wrestlers even though they haven't been able to run shows and All Elite Wrestling has not released anyone.

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Kanellis wrote: "Did you ever hear the one about the woman that was released from WWE during a pandemic 2 months postpartum after being told having another baby wasn’t an issue...? #milkmoney #moreonthatlater #onlywrestlingcompanythatreleasedpeople #NonEssentialFamily"

The #moreonthatlater hints that she may have more to say on this matter later.