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Mark Carrano’s firing from WWE was not totally unexpected

As noted earlier, Mark Carrano’s firing from WWE was not totally unexpected.

A WWE source told us that there was a feeling from some in the company that his days were numbered once John Laurinaitis was brought back to work alongside Carrano as the Head of Talent Relations.

A source within WWE told us, “Carrano gave them a reason to fire him because we all knew once Johnny was back that Carrano would be out soon. He had a lot of enemies and I think he was going to be out soon anyway. I don’t think anyone is too sad to see him go. People were seeing that Vince was getting tired of him.”

Former WWE referee said this about Carrano on his podcast in January: “He is a smart mark, not his first name, but a smart mark to the business. He knows anything and everything. He couldn’t look you in the eye.  He wasn’t straightforward with you. I didn’t believe him. Even when he called me, he lied to me that day when he called me to let me go. I believe he was one of the guys who put me up on the chopping block. I know it didn’t come from Vince and Stephanie who said, “Let’s cut Mike Chioda and cut his payroll because his payroll is so huge.”

Others have privately shared similar stories about Carrano. In many cases when people are let go, they are told that there may be an opportunity for them to return at some point in the future. We’re told that it’s very unlikely that Carrano will ever be back with the company.

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