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Mark Henry and Koko B. Ware talk about racism in wrestling

Mark Henry and Koko B. Ware were guests today on Huff Post Live and the topic was racism in wrestling and how African Americans are viewed in professional wrestling. The topic stemmed from an article that appeared in The Atlantic last week.

Mark Henry said that he’s seen racism in wrestling. He said that sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s blatant but it’s a part of life. Henry noted that there have been 25 World Champions (including the secondary belts) but many of them didn’t go mainstream like The Rock. Henry corrected the host when the host said that The Rock was the only black World Champion in WWE.

Koko B. Ware noted that wrestling started out as the white man’s sport. He talked about having to deal with politics in wrestling but seemed gracious for the opportunities given to him by the wrestling business.

Henry talked about the Silverback nickname that WWE gave him a few years ago and he said that he could not do it because he has kids at home. He said that R-Truth felt uncomfortable with an article that came out recently about him that made it seem that he was a buffoon for being a dancing black wrestler.

Koko said that he wasn’t paid the money that he should have been paid. He said that in 1987 he was only paid $10,000 for WrestleMania 3. He said he is proud of what WWE did for him but he is not proud about the money part.

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