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Mark Henry on his WWE future: “I’ve still got a lot left. I’m not done at all”

Mark Henry was recently interviewed by Sam Roberts at the Sirius XM studios. Henry talked about getting his start in the wrestling business after the Olympics and his career in WWE. He said that there were a lot of things that happened in his early days that people don’t know about. He said the wrestlers in NXT have it good compared to when he first came into the business. He said that one time he went to Canada in 1996 and threatened Shawn Michaels. It’s no secret that Shawn wasn’t the easiest guy to deal with at that time. He said about the locker room in 1996, “they wanted me out of there.” Henry admitted that he wasn’t the friendliest guy in the locker room at the time either and said that he was an “a*****e” and didn’t realize at the time that you have to earn the right to voice your opinion. It didn’t help that he wasn’t used to the ribbing in the locker room. He said that he and The Rock got hazed and said, “we had to put up with it..the ribbing never stopped” and The Rock would tell him “don’t sell it, don’t react to it.” Henry said that he’s a transparent guy so if he’s upset then everyone in the world knows that he’s upset.

He went on to say that Mideon was his favorite guy in the locker room. Henry said that he loves the business and everything that it did for him and he currently has no complaints in his life. He was asked about the Sexual Chocolate character and said that he was fine with it and was having fun even though some people would tell him that he should have been bothered by it. He said that Eddie Guerrero once asked him “do you see what I see in the mirror? If I was you then I would be dead or in jail.” He said that Eddie was trying to tell Henry that he was not acting how everyone else saw him. He said that he wishes that Eddie was still around to see the Hall of Pain era. Henry said that the funniest moment of his live was being in the room with Vince, Mae, and other WWE execs at the birthing of the hand. Henry admitted that he had to struggle not to laugh and Gerald Brisco legitimately threw up. Henry said that it almost killed him when he went to Owen Hart’s funeral and it affected him so much when he heard of Mae Young’s death that he couldn’t go to her funeral.

He said that there was a time that he considered retirement. Around the time he did the fake retirement speech on Raw he was dealing with injuries and wasn’t feel so good. Henry said that there were people online saying that Henry was done and convinced that it was over for him so the fake retirement speech was his response to the people that said he was done. That was the start to a build to a match with John Cena on pay-per-view. Henry addressed his future. He said, “I still got a lot left. I’m not done at all.” He added that he doesn’t want to be the guy that comes back and can’t do much and is just another big guy out there in tight clothes. If it gets to that point then he will retire.

He also talked about expanding his website to show some of the things he’s doing outside of the ring for different charities. He also says that he’s interested in doing TV and movies, talking about hanging out at Bret Hart’s house, his upcoming autobiography, meeting Andrew “Test” Martin, wrestling in the Attitude era and the PG era, Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn, and much more. Check out the interview with Henry below:

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