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Mark Henry reveals if he thinks Roman Reigns can be the next top guy in WWE

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald published several new interviews recently while he was at WrestleMania Axxess during Mania weekend and down below is an excerpt from the interviews of Mark Henry talking about wanting to be a champion in WWE again as well as Roman Reigns being a top guy. Check it out below:

Henry on wanting to be a champion in WWE again: “I definitely would like to be champion again,” he said. “To be Intercontinental champion, to be WWE champion, those are the only two titles that I haven’t held. I’d like to get that done before I’m through.”

Henry on Roman Reigns become the next top guy in WWE: “I think Roman has a really high ceiling,” Henry said. “I don’t think he completely believes in himself yet. Once you get off autopilot and you believe in you and what you are and what your skill set is…He is going to be a world champion.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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