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Mark Henry threatens to sue Lio Rush

Things have escalated between Lio Rush and Mark Henry and now the WWE Hall Of Famer is threatening to sue.

It all started when Rush called out Henry for the comments that he made on Busted Open Radio. It goes back to last year when Henry recalled a story where he took Rush aside and asked him about hearing “stuff in the locker room.”

Around that time it was reported that Rush had backstage heat with some in WWE. Henry claimed that Rush denied to him that there was nothing going on at the time. Henry then stated that Rush lied to him even though he was just trying to help the former WWE star.

Earlier this week, Rush took his issues with Henry public on Twitter, which led to Henry giving out the phone number to Busted Open Radio, which he co-hosts, so they can work it out. Rush claims that the number wasn’t working.

Fast forward to Sunday, Henry gave his latest take about the situation in an interview with TMZ.

Henry started out by stating that Rush knew that he gets a lot of attention and has a large gathering on social media so Rush went after him to get attention at the time of the release of his album.

Henry stated that he thinks Rush doing that was the worst possible thing he could have done. “It’s one of those things if I take legal action for slander, then I will, I’m not sure yet.”

He later added, “If he would’ve called me, I would’ve done it anyway. We would’ve just worked it. I would of really talked it up, we would of made world news, but now he said something slanderous. My lawyer went to Harvard. I don’t know what kinda lawyers he’s dealing with, but I got those Ivy League people around me, and they’re pissed!”

The WWE Hall of Famer made it clear that this isn’t a wrestling angle. Henry added that Rush needs to apologize to him for the whole situation and own up to his mistake.

You can watch the entire interview here:


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