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Mark Madden says WWE is not willing to pay Brock Lesnar for more dates and WWE management doesn’t believe in Daniel Bryan

Mark Madden is the guest this week on Jim Ross’ The Ross Report podcast. Madden noted that Brock Lesnar has been willing to work more dates for WWE if the company would just pay him based on his “per date” deal.

Madden said the following regarding Lesnar:

“One thing I would do if I were WWE is…I don’t know what it would take to keep Brock but i’d pay him. I know for a fact that Brock would be working more now if they just pay him his ‘per date.’ They’ve been hesitant to do that. He’s told them that he would be available for more work if they just paid him the same per date. They need to do that because I think what the Royal Rumble showed is he is by far their most over performer….maybe right there with Daniel Bryan.”

Madden also said that he’s been told that WWE management doesn’t believe in Daniel Bryan.

“I look at Daniel Bryan and I look at the way he was treated at the Rumble (on Sunday) and really barely being in there, and no matter how many times the fans cheer him and chant ‘YES’…they (WWE) don’t believe in him. That’s obvious and i’ve heard that from the inside as well. WWE management doesn’t believe in him and they’ve convinced themselves that Bryan isn’t what’s over..that the ‘YES’ chant is what’s over and that’s obviously insane.”

Madden and Ross review the Royal Rumble card, talk about Roman Reigns, TNA , New Japan, ROH, Lucha Underground, CM Punk in UFC, Super Bowl predictions, and much more.

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