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Martha Hart is open to representing Owen Hart in New Japan, she is working on Owen shirts for fans



Ahead of Tuesday's season finale of "Dark Side of the Ring" on Owen Hart, Chris Jericho interviewed his widow Martha Hart on the latest "Talk Is Jericho" podcast.

Martha noted that Owen was originally going to be a physical education teacher in the 1980s but Bruce Hart called him up and asked him for help for the struggling Stampede Wrestling promotion. Owen decided to get into wrestling because he knew he would be helping his dad and he first started wrestling under a mask. She said that Owen was trying to get out of wrestling for years.

Martha said, "He tried for a long time to get out of the business and he applied to the fire department every year for years and at that time, it was really hard to get on the fire department."

Martha said that one of Owen's brothers and a brother-in-law was a firefighter so he kind of knew that life and he liked it so he wanted to pursue that. She also noted that Owen was a dual citizen. Martha added, "He also applied to be a customs agent because he thought it would be ideal because he lived in Calgary ... That was another job that he tried to apply for and he always regretted that he didn't finish his education because he was actually a really bright guy and he could have done it, but life picks you up and then we got married."

She said Owen was a natural athlete and he was good at wrestling and it provided a good living but there was always a risk because there were no guaranteed contracts and no benefits so that was always a concern for him.

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While talking about the trips to Japan she went on with Owen, Jericho asked if she decided to travel to Japan again if she would want to be proud to go to New Japan Pro Wrestling as a representative of Owen. Martha did not shoot the idea down. She said, "Never thought about it that way. I was just gonna go back as a tourist."

She continued, "You know what, I guess if I got an invite then I would definitely entertain it but I haven't to this day. It's not like I turned anything down. Nobody has ever approached me about something like that and I never really gave it much thought but you never know. Never say never."

Martha also said that Owen loved the fans more than the people he worked for and she is currently working on getting shirts made for fans of Owen.

During the podcast, Martha talks about her love affair with her late great husband Owen, meeting him at 15-years old, being introduced to the Hart Family, what it was like for Owen when Bret left the WWF in 1997, Owen's favorite foods and movies, traveling with Owen overseas and much more.

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