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Martha Hart on the Hart Family: "I've forgiven them and I'm totally past that and I wish them well"

Owen Hart Foundation/WWE

Owen Hart Foundation/WWE

Martha Hart is the guest this week on Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast. Martha was on the show to promote "Dark Side of the Ring" on her late husband and to tell stories on the person he was out of the ring.

Jericho asked her how Owen felt about Bret leaving WWE after the Montreal Screwjob. She noted that Owen tried to get out of his contract but Vince McMahon would not let him leave.

"That was a really difficult time for Owen," Martha said. "Even though he didn't sort of share the same philosophy as Bret as far as wrestling would go, he knew that was really crushing for Bret what had happened with Vince and everything and he felt bad for his brother but he was also beholden to a contract at that time. WWE had just introduced a few years before that -- contracts where you were locked in for 5 years. Owen was locked into his contract. So he requested that he be let go when everything happened with his brother and they said now that they weren't gonna let him go."

Martha talked about how the contract wouldn't let him work for another company so Owen was in a tough situation so he had to stay with WWE.

She said, "emotionally it was difficult for him to see his brother so upset and betrayed and yet have to stay and fulfill his commitment that he made to the company so it was a hard time. He preferred to leave but they wouldn't let him go."

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Martha said they gave him a raise because maybe WWE was worried that he would just quit the wrestling business. She says that he was planning on getting out once he had enough money saved up. She said Owen was good at building bikes and one thing he considered doing after wrestling was opening a bike shop.

Martha also talked about the Candian Stampede pay-per-view and being in the ring with the rest of the family at the end of the show. She says it was the last time that all of them were together at the same time. Jericho then asked if she has a relationship with the family today.

Martha said, "Unfortunately I don't and that's really unfortunate. I don't know if people are aware of everything that transpired with my lawsuit. The family weren't that supportive of my lawsuit against WWE and the worst part of it was that some of the family actively worked against me and other ones just remained silent and that was almost as hard as the ones that worked against me so when you break the trust and I felt really betrayed and sort of left alone without any support. I've forgiven them and I'm totally past that and I wish them well. My life hasn't been easy and I certainly wouldn't wish harm on anybody. I hope life has been kind to all of them. The damage is done and you just can't repair it and that's one of the unfortunate casualties of war. The damage is irreparable and it can't be repaired and I let it go and I wish them well, I really do."

Martha also revealed that WWE had actually sued her for breach of Owen's contract and said that there had to be a judge in the room to conduct depositions because things got so vicious between lawyers. The legal issues with WWE are what led to her creating the Owen Hart Foundation.

During the podcast, Martha talks about her love affair with her late great husband Owen, meeting him at 15-years old, being introduced to the Hart Family, the Canadian Stampede pay-per-view, Owen's favorite foods and movies, the Owen Hart Foundation and much more.

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