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Marti Belle on the state of women’s wrestling, why she left Impact Wrestling, NWA Girl Powerrr, COVID-19 and more

Marti Belle is the guest this week on “Prime Time with Sean Mooney.” Belle has wrestled all over the world, including WWE, Shimmer and Impact Wrestling.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Marti Belle talking about the state of women’s wrestling when she started 12 years ago: “You had promotions like Shimmer. Shimmer has been a champion for women’s wrestling since day one. You had WSU. Those were the main two promotions in the U.S. When I got the opportunity to try out for Shimmer, it was a real big deal for me. I didn’t get called up to the main roster right away. It took another year or two before I got called up to the main roster on Shimmer. Our Shimmer jackets mean so much to us. All the girls who have Shimmer jackets are so important, because, from day one, they were all about women’s wrestling. They were one of the first ones who believed that they don’t have to run a show in conjunction with anybody else. They don’t have to have to have four guy matches and three girl matches. Then Shine came along and now you have all these other promotions that popped up in the U.S. that are pushing for more women’s shows.”

Belle talking about wrestling being shut down for now: “For the first 7 years of my career, I still had a second job. I was working in an office. I had a major contract, but I was still keeping that on the side just in case because you never know. You can be on top of the world today, have a contract, making tons of money, and all of a sudden it’s gone. You can get hurt and not every company takes care of you while you are hurt. Just a few years ago I was finally able to make the transition to where I was just wrestling. It has been very tough.”

On her TNA experience: “I was at Impact for a little less than 2 years. I opted out before I had to resign. I will say that it taught me a lot. I never worked for television before, so it taught me how to work for television. It taught me how to act backstage. We had months of TV planned out. You don’t have full control over that. So being able to relinquish control while also still being yourself was something that took me a really long time.”

Belle talking about NWA Girl Powerrr: “We have one episode in the can so far. This is a chance for people to see beyond what you see on television. Our first episode was about mental health, suicide prevention and cyberbullying. These are very sensitive and extreme topics, but, there are things I had never spoken about publicly because I’ve built up this image of being this happy go lucky person. I didn’t want to talk about depression or how that affected me. This was the opportunity to do that. It was that chance to strip down the walls and it was three girls having a conversation.”

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