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Maryse talks the evolution of Women’s wrestling in WWE

Former WWE Superstar Maryse appeared on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump. Maryse joined her husband The Miz on the WWE Network show to discuss a number of topics from their careers, in and out of the ring. One of the points looked at was the difference between the Women’s division in WWE back when Maryse was an active in-ring performer and now. When Maryse was part of the ‘Divas’ division, it was relegated to shorter matches and barely any TV time for promos.

“Isn’t it crazy how much it’s changed” Maryse would begin on the show. “Back then just having two minutes on TV, and how much we fought and how much it was a war backstage for us to get the time to be able to connect with the crowd? To just have a microphone? To be able to just, you know, get your character out there?”

Maryse would elaborate further, discussing emotionally how the Evolution all women’s PPV was a dream for her and her colleagues in the WWE at the time. “If  you would have told us that one day Evolution was gonna be a pay per view that was just all about the Women’s division? I think we would’ve all cried, because we were fighting so hard to get that spot, that time.”

The former Divas Champion would then talk about the difficult times she had in WWE but also being proud of where the Women’s division has go to. “But seeing how it is now today? I’m proud.  I really enjoyed my time, even though it was the very difficult at times? I really enjoyed the years that I was there, maybe I think it really shaped the person I am today. You know we’re all fighters I think. We created a sisterhood, you know? These girls they will talk to each other and we’re all…it’s just…we all get very emotional when we talk about that. Because it was the thing that we were fighting for every every single week for years.”

The WWE Women’s division has certainly had more visibility over the past couple of years, with Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair main eventing WrestleMania 35 the start of a major shift in perception for the company. Whether WWE continues to push the divisions in way they should be remains to be seen.

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