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Masks are now required during WWE TV tapings

On Friday, I noted that there were at least two main roster wrestlers that were planning on sitting out until WWE management made masks mandatory at the Performance Center.

Up until this week, the feeling was that management was not treating the virus as a big deal but that changed at the Raw tapings over the weekend.

Developmental wrestlers at the Performance Center and all staff will now be required to wear a mask whenever they are inside the building. This edict obviously excludes the performers in the ring and at ringside.

There was a lot of unhappiness because “friends and family” were brought for the previous set of tapings but, as you saw on Raw, only a small handful of developmental wrestlers were used and no “friends and family” were present.

I spoke with one wrestler who wasn’t taking the pandemic seriously but has had a change of heart after seeing so many people getting infected around the same time. WWE has still to acknowledge that there was an outbreak last week and, as of today, wrestlers still don’t know the exact number of people that were infected.

The only people in WWE that have gone public so far with their diagnosis are Renee Young, Kayla Braxton (her second time with the virus), Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce. WWE was said to be unhappy about Young going public with the news on Twitter.

Needless to say, everyone is being much more careful at the TV tapings.


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