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Mass WWE NXT releases expected to happen more often

Dave Meltzer was on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast this week to talk about some of the big stories from the week in wrestling. While discussing the recent NXT releases, Meltzer was asked if he thinks more releases are coming soon.

“Yea, I think so,” Meltzer said. “I’ve had people say that but no one really knows other than Vince and everything. You kind of hear rumblings the day before that this is gonna be the bad day, which actually I had heard on April 13th and 14th that the 15th is gonna be the bad day. Then it came and went and then it happened two weeks later and I would think that would be it for NXT but there were no main roster [releases].”

Meltzer also said that WWE plans to let people go if they don’t see improvement within 90 days. As they let people go, they will add new signings to the roster.

Meltzer said, “I think we are going to be seeing more and more of this when it comes to NXT is people they are just gonna make decisions that they are bringing a lot of new people in. If you don’t make progress there, they are gonna get rid of you, in most cases. There were a few cases where that wasn’t the case. That’s what it was and even talking to people who were down there and were around there were kind of like ‘ well, they weren’t making the progress [that was] hoped for’ and they have all these tryouts and they bring in a whole new group of people and there’s gonna be 90-day cycles where they bring in new people and other people are gone.”

Meltzer noted that there are exceptions to this. Dakota Kai was in NXT for years and the feeling on her was that she was not good enough for the main roster and Malcolm Bivens told the company that he did not intend on signing a new deal next year.

Meltzer said, “Obviously, Dexter Lumis and Dakota Kai and Malcolm Bivens don’t fit into that category…Harland – there were people because of his size and the fact that he’d been on TV and everything like that, were surprised but they took him off TV two weeks ago for no reason and I thought that’s never a good sign.”

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