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Matt Hardy provides an update on when fans will see him again on WWE TV

Big Money Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy was interacting with fans on his official Twitter account where he provided an update on his WWE status. 

A fan asked what he has been up to and whether he regrets coming back to the company now that he isn’t being used on television. 

He hasn’t worked a match on WWE programming since June at Super ShowDown to compete in the 51-man Battle Royal. He hasn't worked a match since August at a house show. 

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“No. I had to return to @WWE to complete my redemption story. WWE made me, I’ll always be grateful to them. Disliked how I left in 2010 & felt I owed #WWE a debt. Came back & repaid it. The WWE employees have treated me great,” Hardy wrote.

He was also asked when fans can expect to see him wrestle again on TV, which is where he noted that he’ll be back within the next five months. 

“You will. Patience, my friend.. I’m gonna be in a ring & on your TV for a while. Within the next 5 months, I’m confident that one way or another, the #BROKENBrilliance shall be RESURRECTED.”