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Matt Hardy comments on helping his brother

It’s an unfortunate time for Jeff Hardy. Although it appears that he’s ready for an in-ring return sooner than later, a recent DWI arrest following a car wreck has left many questions surrounding Jeff.

It was speculated that WWE might be forced to recommend rehab for Jeff before he can return to the road. This kind of tactic hasn’t worked out well for Jeff in the past. With so many people concerned about Jeff Hardy, there is a natural inclination to project a much worse situation than what’s really going on because so many people are worried. But the fact is there might not be anything to worry about because people make mistakes.

Hopefully, Jeff Hardy can rebound from this slip-up and get back to business once he returns from injury. One thing is for sure, he has plenty of people rooting for him including his brother Matt Hardy.

The Woken One recently tweeted out a gif of him and his brother Jeff headed toward the Lake Of Reincarnation with a message included to “help others when they’re down” which are words to live by for sure. It might only be a matter of time before we see Jeff return to WWE television and hopefully, it will render any worry about his wellbeing obsolete in the process.

The Hardys can be magic if given the free reign to express their creativity. As Matt is now Woken and Jeff appears poised to make a return, let’s check out the longer clip from the gif that Matt used as an illustration of just how wonderful it can be when both Hardys are working at full speed with the creative freedom to do so.

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