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Matt Hardy explains what really happened to Titus O'Neil at the Greatest Royal Rumble



We noted earlier that and several Superstars are having fun commenting on Titus O'Neil's botch at the Greatest Royal Rumble. It certainly seems like the trip, fall and slide underneath the ring has overshadowed everything else that took place on that show.

Now, "Woken" Matt Hardy is joining in on the fun but he tells fans that O'Neil's slide under the ring was not an accident. No, in fact, O'Neil was actually sliding into the "Jeddah WORMHOLE PORTAL" that leads directly into the Hardy compound. Yes, that is what Hardy said on his Twitter account.

Hardy ended his tweet by saying that "BROKEN" Matt would love to meet "TATTERED" Titus. "Tattered" Titus O'Neil might not be such a bad idea for a character makeover.

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