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Matt Hardy is not the only ex-WWE star who is a free agent and expected in AEW very soon

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

As noted earlier, part 1 of the #FreeTheDELETE series finale seemingly confirms that Matt Hardy is headed to All Elite Wrestling but it does not confirm that he is the exalted one in The Dark Order.

It's worth noting that another former WWE star is a free agent and is expected to make his AEW debut soon, possibly as soon as this week or next week in his hometown of Rochester, NY.

Brodie Lee, the man formerly known as Luke Harper, should be popping up soon. Here is the latest AEW tease:

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That tweet seems to be playing off the tweets from Brodie's timeline:

Note: if you follow him on Twitter, then you know that all of his tweets look the same with the day of the week changed.

Click here to watch part 1 of the season finale of Matt Hardy's #FreeTheDELETE with the big AEW surprise at the end.