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Matt Hardy makes another move to gain possession of his Broken Gimmick

Matt Hardy obviously wants his Broken Gimmick back. When it looked like WWE and The House Of Hardy were close to arranging an agreement with Anthem Sports to attain the Broken Gimmick, Matt and Jeff Hardy made some pretty bold allusions to their Impact Wrestling personas on Raw. But that deal fell through because Anthem Sports wanted a lot of money and royalties. WWE also didn’t want to promote something they didn’t own and had to pay royalties on using a name. Apparently, they didn’t want another “Hulk/Marvel” deal.

But even though Matt Hardy had to go back to just being his old self once again, he still hasn’t changed that blonde streak in his hair. Therefore, some have translated that to mean fans should lose hope in seeing Matt Hardy’s Broken Brilliance once more.

To add even more fuel to this speculation, Matt Hardy recently submitted evidence to prove the Broken Matt gimmick is his. Even though his first attempt to copyright the Broken Matt gimmick was initially refused, Matt is trying again and submitted a new “specimen” in the form of a CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling poster which shows Matt in his Broken Gimmick.

This poster was from when The Hardys were on their Expedition Of Gold and snatching up as many indie tag titles they could before jumping to ROH and then soon back to WWE.

Matt also added an IP Lawyer out of Nashville, Tennessee to his team in order to help secure this treasured Broken trademark.

He just submitted this new evidence on October 31st, so no new information has come out from the USPTO regarding the trademark just yet. But hopefully, they’ll have better news for Matt than they did in May when they refused his first try.

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