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Matt Hardy on WWE incorporating the death of Jeff Hardy’s dog into their 2009 feud: “It was in bad taste”

Matt and Jeff Hardy appeared on “Wrestling With Freddie” this week to talk about incorporating a real world death into a wrestling angle, and about how Matt felt about his 2008 feud with MVP.

Matt Hardy said incorporating the real life tragedy of Jeff Hardy’s dog dying in a house fire into a wrestling angle was in bad taste:

“That was an event that was so tragic and so sad. Literally, his house burned down. All the old tights and all his old gear were lost in the fire,” Matt said.

“His dog died. It was a really traumatic event for him. Just for them to put that in our storyline was almost like it was in bad taste. I’ll never forget them burning a dog collar and then I held the dog collar,” he continued.

“I remember saying, ‘I don’t know. I mean, I’ll do it. If this is what you guys want me to do, I’ll do it. But like, this could be too much.’ I could just feel the air coming out of the crowd. It’s not that they were mad at me because I’m playing the bad guy in the story. They were mad at me because this is in poor taste. So that’s how it felt.”

Matt on his competitive feud with MVP in WWE in 2008:

“We were doing that in real life, too. We were competitive. We would go out to a bar later and we would see who could drink the most, pick up the most chicks, or whatever,” he said.

“We were just super competitive and everything and it translated that way on TV. So that was supposed to be a short term thing for the US title. Then later we added details. I said, ‘Well, what if you decide you want to try and make me your tag team partner and we go after the tag team title? That would give us a way to extend this and we can make that happen.'”

“There would be lines outside of Vince’s door. There would be eight or nine people just waiting and they were waiting for an hour or 90 minutes outside his door to get in to see him. MVP and I would be in the line. We would shoot him a text and say, ‘Hey Vince, we’re outside.’ He would say, ‘MVP, Matt, come right in’, and we would pass the whole line. We did that almost every single week,” Matt revealed.

“We were his favorites at that time. Every time we suggested something, he was always open to it. That was one of the most fun times as far as working with Vince. He was liking what we’re doing, it was succeeding on television and he was always open to ideas.”

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