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Matt Hardy responds to Dutch Mantell, calls him a "Jeff Jarrett puppet"

Reby Hardy (Matt Hardy) and Impact Wrestling (Dutch Mantell)

Reby Hardy (Matt Hardy) and Impact Wrestling (Dutch Mantell)

Matt Hardy, who has largely kept quiet about the legal issues with Anthem/Impact, responded to the recent tweets from Impact Wrestling's Dutch Mantell.

He wrote, "Incorrect, Jeff Jarrett puppet. I know you're a minion following his childish orders to "bash" The Hardys..Is that what u want, @EdNordholm? Now more than EVAH, I appreciate the INCREDIBLE & UNPARALLELED professionalism that @WWE treats its athletes, performers & employees with."

For more context on what started the latest round of tweets between the Hardys and people within Impact Wrestling, click here. Hopefully, for the sake of both parties, everything gets resolved soon. The negative press is bad for everyone.

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Mantell retweeted the following:

Mantell added, "All I can say is: Sometimes you don't always get what you want. @EdNordholm @RealJeffJarrett @WWE @JeremyBorash"

Jarrett has wisely continued on with business as usual and has not made any public statements on this issue.