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Matt Hardy reveals a pitched an idea for a cinematic match between The Hardys and Edge & Christian



On this week's "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Matt revealed a pitch for a cinematic match between the Hardys and Edge & Christian, and spoke about Billy Corgan's idea for the Final Deletion.

Matt Hardy said Michael Hayes at one point pitched an idea for a Funhouse Style Cinematic match with The Hardys vs Edge & Christian:

"I do remember that. Michael was a very out of the box thinker," Hardy said. "He was trying to think of things that would be different and original and unique."

"He did pitch something that was very similar to that. I wonder how that would have turned out if we had done it at that stage in our career, because we were very different performers. We were definitely thinking more about workrate than the actual work of telling a story and being character performers. So I don't know."

"It would have been an interesting scenario, because Vince is like, he takes these things so seriously, and that's why I took a different approach. I didn't want this thing to be looked at as too serious. Because at the end of the day, wrestling, these people are amazing athletes. They get in a ring and go have a 15 or 20 minute match, especially with all these unique spots and whatnot. But still, it's entertainment at the end of the day, and we can't lose track of that."

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Matt said it was Billy Corgan’s idea to have the Final Deletion match on the Hardy Compound:

"After we did that contract signing, which was such a polarizing event, but it had so many people talking, we knew we were onto something," Matt shared.

"Billy Corgan did have an idea. He said, 'If Jeff does beat you and all these matches,' and I said the same thing, that I think I just need to win a match where all the stakes are on the line. He said, 'What if you have a match, like, in your barn, you know, in that Dome of Deletion? Maybe you and Jeff have a match there, and it's like an empty arena match.' I think that's what he was visualizing whenever he talked about, you know, the original idea for this match where everything was on the line, but it started growing."

"The more I talked with JB (Jeremy Borash) and he'd been to my house to shoot several different vignettes and whatnot, it became a fight all over the compound. It's like anything goes on the compound, and we want to make it a cinematic style match. We had a pretty barebone outline structure on a storyboard, and we were adding to it as we would go. But like Billy Corgan was the first one to suggest maybe doing something in what was the Dome of Deletion, the building up behind my house, but we ended up expanding it where it was going to be a Falls Count Anywhere match on The Hardy compound."

Matt was then asked whether Billy Corgan was directly involved in Final Deletion, to which he said, "He was not.”

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