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Matt Hardy says "MeekMahan" deleted Kurt Angle's WrestleMania fireworks



The comraderie between WWE Superstars is a unique bond to say the least. These men and women spend more time with each other than they do with their own families at times. The bonds between them are strong and the friendships can be extra thick especially if Superstars are considered veterans. At this point it doesn't get much more veteran than Kurt Angle and The Hardy Boyz.

Matt and Jeff Hardy surprised the wrestling world by showing up at Camping World Stadium for WrestleMania 33 to compete in a ladder match only one day after they had lost a brutal ladder match to the Young Bucks. Upon their entrance they received a plethora of cheers and it was quite possibly the biggest pop of the night.

Matt Hardy recently took to Twitter in order to wish everyone a happy Fourth Of July. In the process Matt poked a little fun at Kurt Angle's classic fireworks pyro that he used to receive during his entrances. The Olympic Hero responded by saying that Matt and Jeff stole his fireworks. Kurt Angle's theory is Vince McMahon changed his mind as he tends to do and Angle blamed Matt and Jeff for the theft.

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Matt Hardy replied in his usual fashion by displaying some Broken Brilliance on social media. After all, he can still talk like Broken Matt Hardy on social media, he just can't use the character on television. As long as nobody's filming him as he tweets he must be okay in that department. Hopefully we'll be getting a dose of Broken Brilliance on WWE television soon enough, but for now Matt Hardy's Twitter feed will have to do.

During his response Matt Hardy not only called Vince "MeekMahan" like he used to but also wished everyone a Happy Fourth Of July on the fifth of July. Therefore he must be able to travel through space and time in order to do that.