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Matt Hardy shares a positive message after being searched by TSA

Matt Hardy shared a nice message on Facebook after being searched by TSA. This is a good message for everyone, including wrestlers and fans:

“I am flying from Raleigh to Denver this evening for WWE RAW tomorrow. As I went thru the TSA security line to get to my gate, one of my carry-on bags were flagged after going thru the scanner. As it turns out, it was because of a brand new TSA policy that considers the protein bars that I typically travel with too large. Due to this, my entire carry-on was thoroughly checked, with everything coming out of it, & I had to remove my shoes & belt again for a detailed bodily screening & pat-down. I am at a point in my life where I obviously don’t do things that could jeopardize my life, so there wasn’t an issue besides being extremely time consuming. The TSA officer was quite polite & nice, which I greatly appreciated. It was a “nothing” alert & stop, but the TSA officers were merely attempting to do their job & ensure the safety of everyone flying today. My point is this–I could have easily bitched & complained online, which many people do after an experience like this. Does complaining about every experience that doesn’t go 100% in your favor on social media make it better? Sure, it’s cathartic & makes YOU feel better by saying it, but what’s the true effect? There’s already so much division, negativity & hatred nowadays because EVERYONE HAS A VOICE. But with that voice, there comes an enormous responsibility.. Be conscious, accountable & responsible with the luxury that we are all allowed to have a voice online in 2017. That goes for every single member of the human species all the way to the President of the United States. Think before you speak online, people are listening & influenced more easily than ever. It’s easy for all of us to selfishly go into business for ourselves, but division among us is currently a growing epidemic.. We all need to do our part to help create unity, even if it seems like a minuscule act. I challenge you to look at the big picture in your life & leave ego behind–make decisions that influence the world in a positive manner.”

I am flying from Raleigh to Denver this evening for WWE RAW tomorrow. As I went thru the TSA security line to get to my…

Posted by Matthardybrand on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ahmed Johnson makes a bizarre claim about The Rock and his father

Ahmed Johnson rarely does interviews but when he does, you can expect some controversial things to be said. He talked about several people that he worked with in the wrestling business including Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and The Rock.

Johnson revealed that he once had a backstage scuffle with The Rock:

“What happened was, he was back in the locker room and I was already back there on the other side of the lockers, so, he couldn’t see me. And he walked in there with Triple H and Shawn, and they were all talking and they were making black jokes, and they didn’t know I was there. When Triple H said, ‘Man, we were joking Rocky, we were joking,’ and Rock said, ‘That’s okay, people look at me and think I’m black. I’m not black, man. My [mom] had an affair on my dad with a white man. That’s my dad. The white guy is my dad.’

“He was serious as a heart attack. So I stepped from around the locker and said, ‘What you just say?’ He said, ‘Aw, aw, nothing, man, you know just here bulls–tting,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I heard you over there selling that bulls–t, man. What did you say about your dad? You mean to tell me this man bust his ass for us to be in this federation, and you’re denying him?’ Then he got cocky and said, ‘Man, this ain’t none of your business’ Once he said that, we went for blows. After that, Ron Simmons and Papa Shango broke it up.”

Johnson told a different version of the story in a shoot interview with HighSpots in 2006. This version (see below) does not reference DX or The Rock’s father so one of these stories (or both) are not accurate.

In the same interview, Johnson also responded to Teddy Long supposedly calling him an idiot. He said that he never met Long in his life and has never been in the same room with him but promised that if Long ever goes to Houston (Johnson’s current residence) then he would “slap him in the fucking face.” In the same interview, he ripped on The New Day’s act and said that Vince McMahon has them acting like clowns in a car and they are just “shucking and jiving” for him.” Someone should tell Johnson that The New Day came up with a lot of what they do on TV.

So, would he want closure with Vince McMahon? Johnson said, “As a man, I would want closure with any man. If could make closure with any man, I would want that. As a man and as a Christian, I would want that. But as far as me kissing your behind, forget it. Naw. That ain’t even gonna happen.”

It’s not the first time that he’s said controversial things in interviews. Back in 2013, he was quoted as saying that Vince McMahon is racist “from the word go” and “I had no idea of what he was. You know, I always say The best trick the devil ever pulled off was hiding in plain sight. If you read the Bible, everything the devil ever did he didn’t hide. He did it in plain sight. That’s Vince McMahon.”

Former WWE star/current Impact star to retire next month

Earlier this year, Gail Kim noted that this would be her last year as an in-ring competitor. It looks like Bound For Glory will be her last match. She will be one of the participants in a Four-Way match for the Impact World Championship that also features champion Sienna, Taryn Terrell, and Allie.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Gail talked about her desire to finish her career on her own terms:

“I wanted to come back because if you ask any wrestler, we all wanna finish on our own terms. That’s what I want. I want to close this door myself. I just worked so hard to get to this point. I just really wanted to end it on my point. What I missed most about being away was just being in the mix, the fans, being in front of the fans [and] the adrenaline that you get from just the performing [and] just pushing yourself to the limit. That’s what I miss the most.”

Here is a clip from the July 13th episode of Impact Wrestling where she talked about her retirement plans. Kim had been dealing with an injury that forced her to take time off for several months. Hopefully, this retirement means that a WWE Hall Of Fame induction is in her future.

This year’s Bound For Glory will take place at the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Canada on November 5th. The show will air live on pay-per-view.

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