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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

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Matt Hardy taken to the hospital after bad bump on his head during AEW All Out PPV

Matt Hardy was taken to the hospital after his match with Sammy Guevara at the All Out pay-per-view.

Hardy and Guevara took a bump off a forklift in the backstage area and the back of Matt’s head hit the floor. It was clear that something was wrong with Matt because he had trouble getting to his feet.

The match was briefly stopped and called off but Matt was able to convince the doctor that he was fine so the match was restarted. It looked like they went directly to the finish with Sammy falling off a piece of the set. Matt is scheduled to get an MRI.

Later in the broadcast, Tony Schiavone announced that Matt is expected to be okay. He explained that Dr. Sampson cleared him to continue the match. They were in an awkward spot because Matt had to win. If not then he would have had to leave AEW, per the stipulations laid out.

Click here for more details (with video) on what happened during the match.

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