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Matt Hardy talks plans after his in-ring retirement

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Matt Hardy talks plans after his in-ring retirement

Matt Hardy has entertained millions of pro wrestling fans for almost 30 years at this point but nothing good can last forever.

However as Hardy looks toward the possible end of his in-ring career he realizes all he can contribute to the pro wrestling business in a backstage capacity. He recently spoke to the SportBible where he had time to reflect on his career a little bit and ponder about what could come afterward.

“I have no idea when the expiration on my body is,” Hardy said. “I’ve been doing this for 26 years so I certainly have a lot more going on in the rearview mirror than going ahead. But I love the art of professional wrestling/sports entertainment and I would like to contribute to the other side of things. Actually, I think I might be even more beneficial on that side when it’s all said and done.”

Matt Hardy has sacrificed so much in his career but as he approaches possibly the final chapter of his career as an active pro wrestler it’s easy to see him transitioning into a backstage role. But in the meantime, he seems very happy working with incredible people and making new memories that will last forever.

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