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Matt Hardy teases return to WWE Monday Night Raw



As noted, last night's episode of Monday Night Raw saw the appointment of yet another authoritative heel figure on the program. Acting General Manager Baron Corbin named Alexa Bliss as his assistant on Raw, and is also allowing her to oversee the show's women's division. Shortly after Raw went off-air, Matt Hardy took to Twitter and made some interesting comments, seemingly teasing a return to Monday nights.

Hardy called out the "dastardly" general managers of Raw for abusing their power, and proclaimed the show needs an "EXTREME double dose of WOKEN Mattitude":

"These DASTARDLY GMs are abusing their positions & power on #RAW. This brand needs an EXTREME double dose of #WOKEN Mattitude.. Only 1 man can fix a #BROKEN#RAW.. and that’s Matt Hardy."

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It looks like former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt is all for the idea:

"You would make an absolutely divine, stupendous GM my compeer. My vote all the way!"