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Matt Hardy's tweet implies that it might be time for The Hardys to move on



Last night, Matt Hardy posted a tweet that simply read, "It may be time for US to move on.."

It sounded like he was talking about a split with Bray Wyatt and there were signs during their match at Extreme Rules that the end is near for the team. On Monday afternoon, Hardy followed up with another tweet that many of his followers took as him hinting that maybe it's time for The Hardys to move on from WWE.

I don't know if Matt and Jeff are leaving but it is hard to argue that the Woken character has gotten stale, primarily because WWE creative hasn't gotten behind it the same way the creative at Impact Wrestling did. Jeff Hardy is advertised for a rematch with Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown Live but he is beaten up and has been wrestling a toned down style at the live events.

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I guess we'll all find out soon what is next for The Hardys in WWE. Perhaps they are going to take some time off or he could just be trolling. Something tells me that a change is coming for them, whether it's in WWE or elsewhere.