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Matt Riddle admits “it’s not looking good” for potential match against Brock Lesnar

For years now, Matt Riddle has made it known that not only does he want to wrestle Brock Lesnar but also wants to retire him as a pro wrestler.

While doing an interview with Fansided, Riddle stated that the chances of having a match against Lesnar aren’t likely to happen. However, that won’t stop him from calling out “The Beast.”

“I shook the 8-ball and it’s not looking good, it’s not looking good (laughs). I’ll be honest. Am I going to stop? No. I really want the match, even if he takes some of the things I said wrong or personal. I get it, I guess, I mean I don’t, but whatever.

At the end of the day, I think I’m going to become valuable enough where he’ll want the match and when I do that and that day comes, I’ll get my dream match. But that’s a lot of work and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.”

Riddle continued by noting how he thinks the Performance Center would be the safest place to go at it. He thinks the match would be good and his call outs aren’t something to be seen as disrespectful.

Instead, he thinks they have good styles to clash. He believes there’s something special with the clash of styles. He added that he considers himself pretty legit and good.

Riddle also talked about wrestling in front of no audience,  Baron Corbin spoiling his main roster appearances, and more. You can read the entire interview here. 


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