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Matt Riddle on why he wants to stay on Raw, why WWE let him keep his real name, working with Randy Orton



WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle joined Corey Graves on "After The Bell" this week to talk about his desire to have an aura, Randy Orton, the WWE Draft and more.

Here are some highlights:

Riddle said Randy Orton has taught him a lot about performing in the ring:

“Randy, over the time we’ve been working together, he’s taught me so much. The way he moves in the ring, I think for me being from the indies, you have a faster workrate. You’re trying to get everything in. You’re only given a certain amount of time. You’re trying to do everything you can do, instead of making the most of what you’re doing. Working with Randy, I feel like instead of killing myself, which I still do, but I think I’m getting the most out of doing what I do now. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from Randy.”

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Riddle talking about why he can be himself in WWE:

“I think the reason why I can still be mostly me 100% is because I’m very flexible. On certain things I won’t budge, and a lot of things I do budge. In WWE, it’s a lot of give and take. For me, I think one of my biggest strengths is how well I work with other people, especially in the back. I’m doing the right things. I’m very flexible. I feel like one of the main reasons I get to wrestle barefoot, I get to keep my last name, I get to do all this stuff, and they don’t want to change stuff about me, is because I am authentic. It’s different. It’s new. Yes, WWE is a huge company, a corporation, so yes they might want to change a couple things to cater to a worldwide audience, but also, if you show them what you are, how authentic you are, how creative you are, and how charismatic you can be, you’re comedic timing and you can show them your strengths with the stuff they give you, they’re going to start to excel with that. They’re going to start pushing that. For me, I try to go out with the other wrestlers because I want to build a relationship with them.”

Riddle said he would like to stay on RAW:

“I want to stay on RAW. I love Monday Nights. I love Monday Night RAW. I love the three hour show. I know some people don’t. I do. I get time to wrestle. I get time to talk. I get time to have fun.”

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