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Matt Riddle reveals idea he had if WWE forced him to change his name



In an interview with The Miami Herald, WWE NXT star Matt Riddle spoke about a wide range of topics.

Riddle has taken the WWE by storm since deciding to sign with the company that later saw him start training at WWE’s training facility, Performance Center, in Orlando Florida and be placed in their developmental system, NXT.

During this interview, Riddle spoke about the idea that he had if WWE forced him to change his ring name.

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“So when I talked to them [after signing], somebody said, ‘Are we changing your name?’” Riddle recalled. “I was like, ‘If you’re gonna change it, I don’t want to, but if you’re gonna change it, I only want it to be one other thing.’

They said, ‘What would that be?’ I go, ‘Ratthew Middle.’ My [birth] name is Matthew Riddle, so I wanted to change the letters around so I can be RatthewMiddle, and the crowd could chant, ‘Ratth-ew Mid-dle. Ratth-ew Middle.’ It has a ring to it.”