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Matt Riddle talks his and Goldberg’s differing opinions on pro wrestling

WWE Superstar Matt Riddle recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump. Riddle would appear on the WWE Network show to discuss a number of topics from his recent career. These included his NXT cage match against Timothy Thatcher, getting into the 2020 Royal Rumble and his ongoing beef with WCW legend Goldberg.

When asked about the former Universal and WCW Champion, Matt Riddle admitted that he and Goldberg still have ‘differing opinions’ when it comes to pro wrestling. Riddle has in the past been critical of Goldberg’s seeming lack of ‘workrate’ in the ring, as he only has shorter but impactful bouts for WWE.

“To be completely honest I think we still have different opinions, you know?” Riddle would begin on The Bump. “Yeah, you know it’s just two different mindsets. When you get into this business you know…I was even the same way when it came to mixed martial arts, I like to grind, I’m a hard worker. I was known for my conditioning and cardio and I like to push a pace you know? I’d like to, you know, I expect a lot from myself and I expect a lot from my peers.”

Riddle elaborated further, saying “I think you know me and Goldberg in that sense? We just didn’t see eye to eye, you know? I think we had a different opinion on work, but like I said, it was an opinion. He doesn’t want to be my bro, I completely understand. I didn’t really want to be his bro, you know, so, you know, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.”

The Original Bro recently made the move from NXT to Friday nights with SmackDown. It is not confirmed if WWE are planning to bring Riddle and Goldberg together on screen at any time soon, but it could end up being a major bout if it goes ahead at some point.

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