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Matt Riddle thinks he can convince Goldberg to wrestle him

Matt Riddle and Goldberg have a history of trash talk, but it seems these days they have an understanding of each other.

For years, Riddle took jabs at Goldberg’s wrestling abilities and how he became a star. However, after they had an interaction with each other while at the SummerSlam event in 2019, they’ve been able to put their differences aside.

Riddle appeared on today’s episode of WWE’s The Bump to discuss a wide range of topics. During it, he was asked who he wantes to wrestle more – Goldberg or Brock Lesnar.

“I’ll say this, I don’t want to talk too much trash. I know that’s not like me, but I don’t want to talk too much trash. Brock or Bill? Both are premium competitors.”

Riddle talked about Lesnar’s man bun and how there was a “Mr. Beast” sign on a door at SummerSlam, which he thought was for Lesnar. Riddle admitted that he wasn’t a fan of Lesnar’s new look before shifting his focus to Goldberg.

“Then you’ve got Willy G, Goldberg. He was doing his thing…him and Gage, they bring it. They’re a package deal and honestly, Bill has been kind of cool with me lately. Not too cool, not that cool, but he’s been cooler… the bridge was already destroyed. It got blown up. So right now we’re like throwing some stones and you can walk across the water. If I had to pick a match between the two of them right now, and if I’m going realistically, I’m thinking Goldberg. I think Goldberg at Mania in a little bit, I think that’s a possibility. I think I might convince him to actually wrestle me, we’ll see.”

Goldberg has one match left on his WWE deal that expires next year. You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:


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