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Matt Riddle wrestles his final indy show after signing with WWE

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle has officially wrestled his final indy show. Riddle lost to Mark Haskins at a PROGRESS event at the Wembley Arena. Earlier in the day, Riddle took to Twitter to plug the appearance:

"I’m back in London, and with a crispy 2 hrs sleep I’m going to dazzle the beautiful people of progress today at Wembley Arena don’t miss it Bros"

PROGRESS shared some footage of Riddle's entrance on their official Twitter page:

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".@SuperKingofBros disrobes like no-one else on this planet."

Also, it looks like, in addition to his match against Haskins, Riddle also lost one of his sandals. He took to Twitter and said he's missing one-half of his only pair of shoes:

"Hey everyone @ThisIs_Progress I’m missing a flip flop and they’re my only shoes, please have a heart and give it to @jimsmallman"

In late July, Riddle signed a contract with WWE and the news was made official at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV. Riddle was announced as the professional wrestling juggernaut's newest signing. Riddle made his in-ring NXT debut earlier this month in Florida.