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Matt Riddle’s accuser Candy Cartwright comes forward with photographic evidence to refute “stalker” claim

Independent wrestler Candy Cartwright posted a photo today that she says is from 2019. She says she posted the photo to show that she was not stalking Matt Riddle like he has claimed.

The claim from Riddle, via his attorney, is that he has “been aware for the last two years” of Cartwright “stalking the Riddle family.”

That statement on June 19 from Riddle’s attorney came after Cartwright accused Riddle of sexual assault. Cartwright says the image posted in the tweet below proves that she and Riddle were together as late as 2019 and she was not a stalker.

The photo below was posted on May 19, the same date listed on the photos above:

Candy Cartwright’s original tweets with the allegation against Riddle can be read below:

“I’m posting this because I have been so sad for so long. I didn’t realize that what he did to me was not ok. I realize now, reading these other brave women’s stories, that I can’t be afraid anymore and I have to #speakout”

“Back in May of 2018 I was riding with Matt Riddle and a few other wrestlers. During the van ride, when the 3 other wrestlers had fallen asleep, Matt asked me to “hop on his d*ck”. When I refused (although we had previously been together I was incredibly uncomfortable in that setting ) When I said no, he grabbed me by my throat, choked me and said “what if I just made you?” I ended up giving him oral sex (praying someone wouldn’t wake up) to get out of having intercourse with him. It was incredibly humiliating. It is never ok to put your hands on a woman, it’s also not ok to not listen when she says no.”

WWE issued this statement on June 19:

“Individuals are responsible for their own personal actions. WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated.”

Here is the June 19 statement from Riddle’s attorney:


The allegations by this independent female performer are completely false and another attempt to harass and humiliate Mr. and Mrs. Riddle and to try to tarnish their reputation in the community.

We have been aware for the last two years of this performer stalking the Riddle family.

In 2019, our firm had drafted a pleading against this performer to seek an injunction for cyberstalking in the Circuit Court for Orange County, Florida.”



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