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Mauro Ranallo dishes on Vince McMahon, comparisons to Jim Ross and more



SmackDown Live commentator Mauro Ranallo recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. Ranallo's schedule is full with boxing, MMA and WWE so he answered questions on a ton of subjects.

Here are the highlights:

On who he thinks is more threatening, Mirko Cro Cop or Vince McMahon?

"Oh man...with all due respect to Cro Cop, Vince McMahon is an intimidating individual because of the amount of respect he commands because of what he's done for entertainment, turning the business into a billion dollar success story. He rarely sleeps, he's a workaholic, he's passionate, he loves what he does. Every week I'm inspired by what he puts into his business. From the moment I arrive at the arena, it's go time. It brings out the best in you because it comes from the top. But in terms of intimidating, Vince McMahon takes the cake for sure."

On being compared to Jim Ross:

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"Along with Gordon Solely who's the dean of professional wrestling announcers, JR is one of the best to ever do announcing. He's a friend, I respect what he's done in his career but the comparisons don't bother me because I find it flattering."

On his favorite thing about commentating pro wrestling:

"I get to show all the aspects of my personality. I love the entertainment business, I love sports, I think it allows me to show off more of my character and have fun knowing it's entertainment as much as athletics. For me it's the fun and the hype, when it's done right there's nothing like it because it takes you on a rollercoaster ride."

Advice for anyone looking to become an announcer:

In terms of advice, do well in school, in English. Be very passionate and motivated by what you want to accomplish. It’s a tough industry that changes with technology so it has to be a passion. You can’t do it to become famous or rich because that will get you nowhere. The best announcers with legacies are committed to the art of communication. I would volunteer at a local station, do whatever it takes to get in the front door, pay your dues. I didn’t make money at this for a very long time, I never said no to any gig. I’ve done sports, I’ve MCed pageants, done whatever it took. You have to be willing to make a sacrifice.

You can check out Ranallo’s full AMA here.