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Mauro Ranallo toasts Twitter troglodyte with great comeback

Mauro Ranallo is the Bi-Polar Rock n Roller and he’s been rocking and rolling all over the map recently. When he left WWE before WrestleMania last year he didn’t let that stop him from working. He’s been doing just fine in the realm of keeping busy and now that he’s back with WWE that doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Ranallo is now the voice of NXT and even though he’s only had one episode of the show since his return people have certainly taken notice. His first night back featured an outstanding Last Women Standing match between Asuka and Nikki Cross for the NXT Women’s Championship that nearly brought the house down.

It is so exciting when considering all of the amazing TakeOver specials that Mauro Ranallo is now going to be a part of. He’s carrying on his duties with Bellator and Showtime Boxing too. He’ll be one of the voices of the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight in August and that fight is going to come with a mighty hefty payday for anyone involved with it.

One fan noticed Mauro Ranallo had been popping up in more places than just one like the Average Joe broadcaster but instead of being impressed with his success, he was upset about it. In his opinion, it was a serious problem Mauro was needed on every combat sports event. This generalization is incorrect of course because there are plenty of combat sporting events without Ranallo. But if you’re watching Bellator, Showtime Boxing, or NXT he’s probably going to be around.

Mauro Ranallo replied in a concise fashion to the guy who said it was a problem he was needed on every combat sports event by saying his bank account disagrees. If Ranallo keeps it up at this pace the phrase “I got Mauro Ranallo money” might very well seep into everyday vernacular. Keep at it Ranallo, one Twitter troglodyte at a time.


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